Jeffrey Miron respods to Jacob Weisberg’s “the end of libertarianism“, with a defense of libertarian economics:

Excuse me? Are you serious, Jacob?

Whatever one’s views of libertarian policies, the incontrovertible fact is that the U.S. has not pursued such policies. Not in the past 10 years. Not in the past century. Indeed, except for a brief moment before Alexander Hamilton engineered the first U.S. bailout of financial markets, not ever. If the U.S. had truly been the “Libertarian Land” that Weisberg alleges, a huge range of policies that have helped fuel the current situation would have been radically different.

Miron’s defense is quite good. Read the whole thing.

Update: I hadn’t bothered to read Weisberg’s rant until just now. What a load of tripe. He actually has the gall to call libertarians “intellectually immature”. Coming from someone who has said the only reason Obama could lose is due to racism, that is rich indeed. He also is a card carrying member of the global warming crowd. Talk about immature….

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