Is there a credit crunch? If you want to buy a house and don’t have any money or a downpayment, well you are out of luck. If you are upside down on your car loan and want to buy a new car and roll the old debt into a new loan, you are also out of luck. On the other hand, if you have good credit and a viable reason to borrow, you’re probably okay:

Even as consumer loans become harder to get, many small businesses in Massachusetts report they are still able to borrow money.

In Franklin, Stephen Dunn, president of design and manufacturing firm Core Concepts Inc., says Benjamin Franklin Bank has invited him to renew his $1 million line of credit. In Woburn, Mike Jenoski, president of Duplication Management Inc., a printing and Web services company, says Enterprise Bank is encouraging him to borrow to expand his business. And in Jamaica Plain, Katherine Mainzer, co-owner of Bella Luna Restaurant and the Milky Way Lounge, says she is about to close on a $360,000 loan from Citizens Bank to relocate.

The days of easy money are over, but all that’s happening is that the credit system is returning to normal. It is not a credit crunch when banks make prudent loans and stop making stupid ones.

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