The CIA has put together a World Factbook where they rank every country in a wide array of topics, ranging from total population to electricity production. Here is the list of some key economic gauges, with the US rank next to each.  

GDP Per Capita – (US: 10th)

GDP Real Growth Rate – (US: 188th, Subject to Decline Further)

Exports – (US: 3rd, Much More Than One Would Expect)

Debt – (US: 1st, As Expected and Subject to Increase Further)

Debt as a % of GDP – (US: 27th, With Japan, Germany, And France Higher on the List)

Unemployment – (US: 63rd)

Value of Publicly Traded Shares – (US: 1st)

Even though the numbers don’t take into account the current mess we find ourselves in, it’s interesting to see where the US stands compared with the rest of the world.

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