Congress is about to pass a stimulus bill that is approaching $1 trillion and liberal economists are assuring us that it will be well spent and have the intended effect. I have my doubts. Why? Well, the transition to all digital TV was supposed to happen next month and a couple of years ago, Congress appropriated $1 billion to make sure that no one missed their favorite network programs by not purchasing a digital TV or converter box. The money was to fund $40 converter box coupons for anyone still adjusting rabbit ears to tune in the nightly news. I’m not sure why this is the responsibility of the federal government or for that matter why I should pay for someone else’s converter box, but Congress rarely asks for my opinion so they passed a bill and started running advertisements about the transition and sent out the coupons.

Well, today, Congress passed a bill that will delay the transition until June. Why? Well, first of all the money is gone. Yep, spent $1 billion over two years and didn’t get the job done. Second, not every rabbit ear adjusting yahoo got a coupon. Third, some of the rabbit ear adjusters let their coupons expire.

So after this awe inspiring performance, does anyone really believe that these idiots can spend $1 trillion quickly and efficiently? You can put me in the skeptical camp.

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