President Obama says all the economists agree. The government needs to spend a boatload of our money to create jobs. I know he’s wrong about all economists agreeing and I’m pretty damn sure he’s wrong about the ability of the government to create jobs too:

That’s from Brian Wesbury’s excellent article in The American Spectator. It’s a pretty simple relationship; as government spending rises as a percentage of GDP, unemployment rises right along with it. So, what exactly is the purpose of the “stimulus” bill? Could it be that Congress has other reasons for spending lots of our money? I wonder what it is? Hmmm…maybe politicians spend our money on things that benefit themselves rather than us?

So, this raises a serious question. Why is the government trying the same old spending stimulus that the evidence clearly shows does not work? President Carter spent billions of dollars on alternative energy plans, but unemployment rose anyway. If the U.S.  and the new administration are serious about “change” and “getting rid of the old ways of doing things,” why not try something truly new?

That’s a damn good question.

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