Currently, only five US corporations hold a AAA credit rating from S&P. Listed here are the companies, their quotes and charts, and their 1-year performance (as of 6/8): 

     Automatic Data Processing – (ADP), Chart, 1-Year: -9.8%

     Exxon Mobil – (XOM), Chart, 1-Year: -16.5%

     Johnson & Johnson – (JNJ), Chart, 1-Year: -13.7%

     Pfizer Inc – (PFE), Chart, 1-Year: -15.4%

     Microsoft – (MSFT), Chart, 1-Year: -20.0%

On March 12th, General Electric had its ratings downgraded from AAA to AA+ by Standard and Poors. Of the few that are on the list, only GE was at risk of losing its AAA-rating.


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