Picture3-150x150The effects of a strong US currency are vast. Much of what is being reported in main stream media are the negative domestic effects. A wider view shows some positive evolving trends as well.
Yes, a higher US dollar has killed oil prices. This has lead to lower broad Index earnings and earnings expectations which is highly concentrated in the energy sector. A higher dollar also hurts foreign earnings of US companies. And, it appears to have abetted a lull in US manufacturing in Q1. Let’s hope the pace of dollar appreciates abates and that these negatives subside.

earnings weakness


But, as US economic surprises have disappointed recently, the EU surprises have turned more positive.

econ surprise eu us

And European confidence and consumer sales are rising in concert with better economic prospects.


The US consumer and services sector remain very buoyant.

us consumer


This should all equate to better global economic health. It could also relieve some of the latent international credit issues. This should equate to better performance in foreign industrials and we may even see positives for the international banking sector. And, with rising sentiment, earnings should follow.

euro ec sentiment and foreign earnings

Equity leadership is reflecting this sentiment.

equity leadership


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