164.3 Economists Can’t Define Money nor Observe Velocity

———Ep 164.3 Summary———
M1 and M2 once informed central bank decisions. But the monetary aggregates were so narrowly defined that they were, in effect, mere keyholes that offered policymakers an unsatisfactory, and often-enough misleading, peek into the great monetary hall.

———Ep 164.3 Topics———

00:00 INTRO: How to define money? What is money velocity? The worldwide surge in M2 and M3.
00:50 Simon Newcomb, economist, developed the “equation of societary circulation”.
02:35 Newcomb was writing during an age when shocking depressions roiled economies.
05:20 Interest rates should moderate imbalances in money supply and/or its distribution.
06:19 The equation of exchange is fatally flawed, in multiple ways.
07:58 “M” wasn’t properly defined. “V” wasn’t constant. So M*V = P*Q isn’t much to go by.
09:32 In the 1970s the velocity of M surged, or at least, it appeared to (it didn’t really).
11:39 In the 1990s the velocity of M surged, or at least, it appeared to (it didn’t really).
14:28 Morgan Guaranty’s estimates of M were understated and were far greater than M3.
17:42 There was a surge in M2 supply in 2020. Is that inflationary? Does M2 matter?
20:42 OUTRO: An equation that balances money and economy is a nice idea but not practical.

———Ep 164.3 References———

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